Ingrain Architects | process
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Ingrain has evolved an eight stage project process.  Our operations processes enable us to work closely with our clients towards realizing their intended project goals utilizing optimized resources and time. Each project moves through predetermined stages in its process towards realization.


Projects are delivered by teams. Projects concepts are taken up by teams comprising of five to six architects. The Project teams are further supported by specialized teams, each with expertise in the aspects such as project research, three dimensional studies, constructional documentation and services integration.


We establish three points of contacts for all projects. Our human resource is monitored for both time and cost. We are extremely concerned about project timelines and sensitive towards cost overruns caused due to delay. This approach enables us to maintain, constant progression of the project in spite of the dynamics of changing focuses and involvements of the various stake holders.


We sought inputs from our international advisors, with presence from Canada, USA and China, through periodic reviews and presentations. Our project deliverables are constantly subject to and are based on international design standards and checklists.


We adopt instant electronic communication systems for better communication at the level of the teams, and entire office. We have even extended these to include our client teams for enhanced real time coordination. Our working methods are based on discourse and interactions, encouraging constant innovations and adoptions of newer methods of project implementation.

Hr process

Our hr processes enable us to engage and maintain an exciting team of architects and support professionals. Our teams are constantly exposed to newer methods of design and construction. We have imbibed a weekly task and checklist module. These are reviewed monthly, which establishes a cyclic system of constant improvement and a culture of perfection.