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Ingrain is a versatile architectural firm, which operates through collaboration between architects, urban designers and professionals from diverse backgrounds. The firm provides complete one point comprehensive architectural consultancy, from project formulation to construction documentation. Each project is an opportunity to unlearn and re-establish new points of reference for us.


Architecture, Master planning, Urban Design, Interior Design, Landscape integration,Tendering, Building services integration, Structural Integration, Estimation, Reconciliation, Facade Integration.


Ingrain believes in the idea of transformation with time. Environmental sustainability, and Socio-cultural-economic optimization , are key principles, which form the strong foundations of all our projects.


Ingrain is an award winning firm, which is known for its cutting edge design solutions which are futuristic yet contextually relevant.


Our work is a product of synchronization between our clients, architects and the project support teams. Each project goes through series of stages of design enhancements and explorations. We believe that perfection is a journey and not a destination.